Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Les 72 Heurese de l'entreprise sociale: what's your next big idea?

It's the 72 hours of Social Business at Sciences Po this week and it's great to see this new movement take off. The idea is quite simple, I believe, although the term still seems to be open to interpretation. Some see it as somewhere between an NGO and a business and some see it as a business that aims to maximise it's positive social impact. Some see it as a business approach to social problems. Personally, I'd like to see it as simply the future of business. If the idea really takes off and starts to take root, like it seems to have already, then we can hope to see a real paradigm shift where most businesses value their social profits as much as their financial ones.

What's also exciting here is thinking about we can also get involved. It's the thrill of entrepreneurship which drives so many and can be used in such positive ways. That's what was discussed today at the workshop "Who's next? L'entrepreneuriat social étudiant". Listening to thoughts from SIFE France, The Social Workshop and the work of SPEAR made me think about just what I could bring to life myself and how many ideas are waiting to be materialised.